Worst fashion trends of 2018

Worst fashion trends of 2018

Years from now, when the grandchildren of millennials are asking Grandma what beauty trends were poppin’ in her youth, the answers will no doubt raise eyebrows. Once something hits the Internet, it’s there forever and what we’ve left so far is some pretty outlandish stuff.

We’ve never been a fan of “best” and “worst” lists because it’s all relative, but there are a handful of viral trends that we definitely wouldn’t mind laying to rest before the New Year. Take a look back at the ones we were regrettably obsessed with in 2017.

Brows of All Shapes and Sizes

Peaches Monroe may have birthed the phrase “on fleek,” but our eyebrows were anything but this year. The Interwebs had a field day trying to mold, brush and shape their brows into squiggles, feathers and even barbed wire. It looks pretty cool on our Instagram feed, but is it practical? In 2018, let’s get back to the simple things, like trying to perfect your arch.

Fidget Spinner Anything

I have yet to figure out how a fidget spinner works, but they’ve been spotted on everything from nail art to lip balms. This trend reached its peak when popular bloggers like James Charles began using the toy as a contouring tool. We can’t lie: it’s impressive. However, it simply isn’t the safest. Let’s get back to good old fashioned makeup brushes and beautyblenders.

Household Items as Beautyblenders

Speaking of beautyblenders, we used anything but to apply our makeup this year. Whether it was hard boiled eggs, condoms or an actual penis (yes, seriously), Youtubers loved finding the most cringe-worthy and time-consuming ways to apply their highlight and more.

Lollipop Lips

Smudged lipstick was actually cool this year. This look came straight from the runway, but we think it should’ve stayed there. You know what’s more fun than applying this trend? Sucking on an actual lollipop.

Glitter Backsides

How do you keep it on? How long does it take to remove? Exactly how much glitter do you need? We have so many questions about this beauty trend and hope it isn’t resurrected next summer.

Nose Hair Extensions

We have nothing against body hair; in fact, we embrace it! But this one just looks itchy and uncomfortable. It all started with one viral post and eventually caught fire on our Instagram feeds. We’d admittedly try this out of curiosity, but it would end there. Period.

100 Layers Challenge

Well, this one is just a big waste of money and product, unless you’re an influencer who is constantly sent free makeup and skin care products to play with.

Unicorn Everything

Rainbows are pretty and all, but this animal obsession has officially run its course. Let’s find a new mystical creature to love in 2018.

Painful Face Mask Peel Videos

There is nothing cool about voluntarily subjecting yourself to this kind of pain. Skin care is supposed to be fun, not excruciating beyond belief. My face hurts just watching these “challenges.”

What trends are you saying goodbye to this year?

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