What is the fashion color for 2018

What is the fashion color for 2018
Demi Lovato Has Been Reportedly Hospitalized for a Drug Overdose

Lovato was sober for six years before recently breaking her sobriety.

By Alyssa Bailey

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An ELLE.com Video Expert Breaks Down That Doctored Viral Video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

It's fake as hell, guys.

By Madison Feller


Trump Announces Invisible Planes For Fighting Imaginary Battles

"It's stealth. You can't see it!"

By R. Eric Thomas

Say Goodbye to Ivanka Trump's Fashion Line

She apparently "grew frustrated by the restrictions she placed on the company to avoid possible conflicts of interest."

By Alyssa Bailey

15 Scarves You Can Wear However the Heck You Want

"Is that a top or a neckerchief?" "Yes."

By Justine Carreon

Karlie Kloss Agrees to Marry Less Bad Kushner Brother

The proposal actually happened weeks ago.

By Alyssa Bailey

Shine Bright Like a Diamond in the New Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter

100 percent of proceeds will benefit charity.

By Nerisha Penrose

Taylor Swiftly Recovered From a Fall at Her 'Reputation' Concert

Trouble, trouble, trouble.

By Alyssa Bailey

​ The On-Duty Women Behind Off-Duty Style

Celebrity stylists on the hard work that goes into creating those "effortless" styles.

By Faran Krentcil

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Mila Kunis on the 'Fcked Up' Way She Broke Up With Macaulay Culkin

"I was an asshole in my 20s and I'll be the first to admit it."

By Alyssa Bailey

Glenn Close Needs an Oscar for This Red Carpet Appearance

It's Glenn-thirty; time to stop sleeping on Ms. Close.

By R. Eric Thomas

Support for Roe v. Wade Has Hit an All-Time High in America

71 percent of voters believe the ruling shouldn't be overturned.

By Madison Feller

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z Got a Standing Ovation for Eating at a Restaurant

True legend status.

By Alyssa Bailey

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to GOP Congressman Who Called Her 'This Girl...Or Whatever She Is'

Rep. Ron DeSantis was filmed criticizing the 28-year-old at his campaign event.

By Madison Feller

4 Purple Shampoos That Will Keep Your Blonde Hair Blonde

According to Hailey Baldwin's colorist.

By ELLE.com

Sophia Amoruso on the Strange and Difficult Upside of Making Big Mistakes

"You don’t learn from winning."

By Cady Drell

Ask E. Jean: I Said No to a Threesome and Now My Boyfriend Is Punishing Me

My boyfriend was crushed—he really wanted the threesome.

By E. Jean

Pete Davidson Just Deleted His Instagram

The end of an era.

By Alyssa Bailey

5 Ways to Help Migrant Children and Families Right Now

Don't feel helpless. Take action.

By Megan Friedman and Madison Feller

​Serena Williams Was Craving Italian Food So Her Husband Took Her to Italy

I'm mad at my boyfriend and I don't even have one.

By Holly Rhue

The Top 4 Boot Trends You'll Want to Try This Fall

Boots made for walking, stunting, and sashaying through autumn and beyond.

By Justine Carreon

Why Leo Season 2018 Could Be Even More Dramatic Than Usual

For starters, Mercury is about to be in retrograde...

By The AstroTwins, Tali and Ophira Edut

Hayley Kiyoko's Dating Advice for Girls Who Like Girls

Should you swipe right on someone you know in real life?

By ELLE.com

Sacha Baron Cohen Tricked Corinne From 'The Bachelor' Into Asking for Weapons for Child Soldiers

Posing as an Italian philanthropist, Cohen also got Olympios to falsely admit she saved 6,000 people from the Ebola crisis.

By Holly Rhue

When Your Grandmother's the Queen, You Get a Mansion as a Wedding Gift

Not the typical gift found on a wedding registry.

By Nerisha Penrose

I Finally Found a Nude Lip Gloss That Works

I bought four.

By ELLE.com

Kate Middleton Dropped Prince George Off at School The Day After She Gave Birth to Prince Louis


By Alyssa Bailey

Selena Gomez's 26th Birthday Party Was a Pasta-Filled Private Yacht Celebration

Wish you were there.

By Alyssa Bailey

Ask E. Jean: I'm Attracted to My PhD Adviser But the Feeling Isn't Mutual

How can I make emotionally unavailable male authority figures less attractive to me?

By E. Jean

'Riverdale' Is Going to Literally Be a Cult Show in Season 3


By Emily Tannenbaum

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