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Despite the fact that some fashion insiders believe it’s jumped the shark, it’s pretty clear that the phenomenon of street style isn’t going anywhere just yet. One quick pass in front of Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week, and you’ll witness hordes of preening style-setters getting snapped by international photographers.

Not that we’re complaining: Trolling street style blogs to check out on-the-go style of models, editors, stylists and other It-personalities has become something of a hobby, cultivated on a daily basis.

And while so many street style blogs are geographically diverse, we’ve noticed that there aren’t very many that focus solely on the phenomenon of streetwear and urban fashion. Former designer  Julie Floersch—who goes by the name Fifi Fresh—also noticed this gap, which prompted her to start her own street style blog last September, Streetosaurus Rex, which highlights inspiring fashion from the streets of Oakland, California.

“When I moved to Oakland two years ago from New York, I saw so much interesting style that I decided to start documenting it myself,” Floersch, 31, told us, admitting that she had to teach herself how to use a DSLR camera to accurately capture the vibrant style scene that’s such a large part of the city, and showcase it in a way that’s familiar to readers of other street style blogs.

“I love urban clothing and I wanted to see it documented in the same elegant way that more tailored, traditional sportswear was being documented. And since most of my photos are taken at local events or on streets where there aren’t many fashion journalists covering the scene, I’m able to capture truly candid moments with only a few instances of subjects posing for the camera.”

Oakland and its nearby cities have a long history with music and street fashion, and between events like Agenda Long Beach (a skate, surf, and streetwear trade show), Turf Feinz dance battles, Oakland Art Murmur, and rap showcase Battle of the Bay, there’s definitely an abundance of inspiration. Still, it’s a given that when talking with anyone associated with street style as it stands now, the topic of “how much is too much” is bound to come up. Floersch agrees that in major cities, the scene is definitely one that’s overly intense, but Oakland hasn’t yet felt the crush of fashion photographers.

“Right now, the street style scene isn’t out of hand in Oakland and people are excited to be photographed. Most of the time, it’s easy to forget about the phenomenon,” she said.

In terms of the major differences between the style that defines Oakland and that of a city like New York, Floersch says it’s really about trends—or lack thereof.

“New York style is more polished and super on top of the latest trends. Oakland style is more urban, more gritty and less trend-based. It’s all about being an individual and working with what you have,” she said, and cited things like fun prints, interesting tattoos, men appropriating womenswear in a masculine way, monochromatic color schemes, and futuristic looking pieces as the most enticing for her to shoot.

While she did say she thought twice about starting her street style blog due to the sheer number of others out there, Floersch also believes there’s room for new voices—especially if they can pin down a niche, like she did.

And as for what urban style means to her, Floersch says it’s more than just labels or indiviual pieces. “It’s clothes or style that are really original and fresh that draw inspiration from building the future, rather than reinventing the past.”

Check out a few photos from Streetosaurus Rex, then head over to the blog to see more!


 Meet Streetosaurus Rex, a New Fashion Blog Focused on Urban Style


 Meet Streetosaurus Rex, a New Fashion Blog Focused on Urban Style



 Meet Streetosaurus Rex, a New Fashion Blog Focused on Urban Style

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