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Last Updated 31/01/18.

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1. Inthefrow

Considered one of the hardest working bloggers of any industry, Victoria Magrath is an incredible content creator and fashion insider. With a PHD in fashion, Dr Frow has steadily grown a huge audience who are drawn to her knowledge, expert opinions and amazing sense of style. Her recent accomplishments (which are by no means exhaustive) include being the face of Ted Baker, having a photoshoot at NASA (and in zero gravity), partying with Google Pixel and appearing in L’Oreal’s latest TV advert with her iconic hair. Victoria was crowned Best Fashion Blog at the Vuelio Blog Awards 2017 and her number one spot in the Top 20 Fashion blogs was only a matter of time.


menswear style

2. MenswearStyle

Another outstanding award-winner, MenswearStyle was created by Craig Landale in 2012 and was recently crowned Best Men’s Lifestyle Blog AND the coveted Best UK Blog at the Vuelio Blog Awards 2017. The ever-stylish Craig is an award-winning journalist in his own right and leads a team of passionate writers who cover fashion, style, grooming and lifestyle. With a clean and easy-to-navigate site, MenswearStyle now rivals traditional publications and outlets in terms of content, audience and collaborations. Craig and the team have grown an enormous social following and are regulars at fashion shows and front rows – thrusting male fashion media into a new, much-welcomed spotlight.

Want to learn more about this blog? Read our blogger interview with Craig Landale, creator of Menswear Style.

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3. Fashion Foie Gras

American-born Emily Johnston originally created Fashion Foie Gras (FFG) in 2009 as a place for women to get regular fashion news. Over the years, the blog has evolved to become a personal diary of Emily’s fashion, travel and food choices. A regular on the top fashion blogs ranking for years, FFG is a true giant in the fashion and lifestyle blogging worlds, and Emily continues to delight her audience with the latest styles, trends and fashion finds. Emily has also contributed to traditional publications, won dozens of awards and worked with a range of high end brands, including Coach, Ralph Lauren and Mercedes-Benz.

Want to learn more about this blog? Read our blogger spotlight with Fashion Foie Gras.

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Raindrops on Saphire

4. Raindrops of Sapphire

Raindrops of Sapphire was created by denim guru, Lorna Burford, to document her personal style and high end brands, as well as costumes and fashion hauls. With two denim blogs to her name, Lorna unsurprisingly covers premium denim extensively and has worked with a number of denim brands and even collaborated on designing new jeans. With regular posts featuring beautiful high quality photography, Lorna’s countryside shoots have swept the fashion blogging world, helping Raindrops of Sapphire slowly climb the fashion ranking. Through blogging, Lorna has made many friends and worked with numerous publications and brands, including ASOS, Look Magazine and Topshop. We’re excited to see how far up this ranking Lorna can go!

Want to learn more about this blog? Read our blogger spotlight with Raindrops of Sapphire.

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5. Ape to Gentleman

‘A true gentleman should always be looking to enrich himself further through experience, self-improvement and the enjoyment of the finer things in life’, so declares Ape to Gentleman. Created by Chris Beastall as an evolution of the traditional men’s magazine, Ape to Gentleman provides informative and engaging content on men’s fashion, lifestyle and grooming. Empowering the modern man to reveal the ‘true gentleman’ within, Ape to Gentleman combines reviews of the latest fashion trends and upcoming collections, to show men how they can use fashion and style as a catalyst to enrich their lives.

Want to learn more about this blog? Read our blogger spotlight with Ape to Gentleman.

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Ape to gentleman


6. Disneyrollergirl

An early leader in the fashion blogging world, Navaz Batliwalla launched Disneyrollergirl back in 2007, when the UK community was still relatively small. Working, at the time, as a fashion director at a traditional publication, Navaz was inspired by the direct and honest approach of US fashion blogs and so launched herself into the world of blogging with Disneyrollergirl. Covering Navaz’s opinions and musings on the latest fashion trends and styles, Disneyrollergirl has been prominently featured on nearly every fashion ranking we ever published. Few fashion bloggers have as much experience of the industry as Navaz, who beyond blogging is a frequent brand collaborator and author.

We spoke to Navaz about Fashion Week, trends and the best kinds of collaborations.

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7. What Olivia Did

Olivia Purvis created her blog, What Olivia Did, in 2010 while at school, after discovering Blogger wasn’t blocked by the school’s network. What started out as a ‘traditional’ fashion blog has since developed into a platform for Olivia to share style reviews, beauty tips, recipes, and interviews with women who inspire her. Much of the incredible photography that is now synonymous with the quality of What Olivia Did, is captured by Olivia’s partner Joseph – an accomplished professional. Olivia’s success also extends beyond her blog, with hundreds of thousands of followers and fans across every major social platform making her a true fashion influencer.

What olivia Did

Wish wish wish

8. WishWishWish

Carrie Santana da Silva launched WishWishWish ten years ago when she was just seventeen. Initially intended to explore and experiment with her personal style, providing readers with updates on what she wore and sharing fashion inspiration through detailed content and beautiful photography, WishWishWish has since become a lifestyle hub for all things on trend and in style. WishWishWish is Carrie’s online diary of style secrets and fashion tips, and is aimed at on-the-go women with a passion for aesthetics.


A true ‘influencer’ and fashion icon, Susanna Lau (or Susie Bubble for those in the know) created Style Bubble back in 2006 – making it one of the original fashion blogs, which is still at the top of its game and true to its roots. Style Bubble remains one of the most widely read and recognised fashion blogs in the world. Since creating the blog to write about her observations of the fashion industry, Susie has attended every type of high profile event, and alongside her place in the fashion ranking, is also a regular on international fashion show front rows. Providing readers with an intimate window into her personal experiences and bold personal style, Style Bubble is a haven of well thought-out and intellectual opinion posts.  

Style bubble

Forever Amber

10. Forever Amber

Breaking into the top 10 is Amber McNaught’s Forever Amber. A blogger’s blogger, Amber is a highly experienced content creator. Besides her fashion expertise, Amber teaches the blogging world best practice and advises on growing audiences and followings (she’s even published a book on blogging!). Amber’s fashion posts have recently been dominated by her pregnancy and subsequent birth of her son Max – a gorgeous addition to Amber’s expansive topics of interest. While Amber keeps her audience of hundreds of thousands entertained in fashion and lifestyle topics, we think it’s only a matter of time before we see her sneak into the top parenting blogs as this massive influencer continues to go from strength to strength.


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