Saks fifth avenue fashion star episode 2

Saks fifth avenue fashion star episode 2
LIVEBLOG: 'Fashion Star' Season 2, Episode 3 Recap

And we're back with episode three in the second season of NBC's blockbuster fashion reality television show Fashion Star. Who will be bought this week? Whose clothes will we, the audience, be able to buy tomorrow morning in stores? And who will be booted? Check out our liveblog/recap to find out!

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8:02 p.m. - This week's challenge: the mentors are helping their teams create pieces that fit every body type. Every body type! Hostess with the mostess Louise Roe is wearing a pretty gold and black belted shift. Nicole Richie also looks dramatic in a 1920s-inspired cheongsam-inspired mesh gown.
Backstage, John Varvatos sits down with his team -- the only team with four people remaining. Richie's team only has three contestants left. She's a little concerned with Priscilla because she's not commercial enough. Simpson is also down to just three designers -- "My name is on the line here! I don't know what I'm going to do if we don't pull through this week." Simpson tells the designers to play up to sexiness. Varvatos tells his team that it's all about details -- like a collar being the right shape. 

Johana, one of the show's favorites, is a plus-size girl herself, says some pretty smart stuff. "Sometimes people think that a curvy girl can't be sexy," she says. "So that's why I'm here, to design clothes for women, no matter what their size."

8:05 - Jessica Simpson is worried about David, because he's one of the only ones who hasn't made a sale. He confesses to being nervous. The designers take off in their VW Bugs and the celeb judge panel are going shopping for fabrics with their teams -- mostly because the buyers have been having trouble making their clothes spring-like enough for the store buyers.

8:06 - Jessica Simpson says a peplum is flattering. What.

8:07 - Mysteriously, while everyone else is shopping, Hunter is standing around drinking coffee talking about her self-doubt. Priscilla says she needs a cuddle. "I'm scared to do any real, crazy design here," she says. "There's a very distinct quality to everything I do. Growing up, I didn't know where I fit."

LIVEBLOG: 'Fashion Star' Season 2, Episode 3 Recap

8:08 - Nicole talks about how Priscilla has trouble taking her 1950s references modern. "I want to prove to America that any woman can wear my clothes," Priscilla says. "They're not just for skinny bitches."

LIVEBLOG: 'Fashion Star' Season 2, Episode 3 Recap

8:09 - Varvatos says that Cassandra is the most versatile of all the designers -- she's designed both men's and women's and has worked at Tahari. "This whole thing always makes you question yourself," she says.

8:10 - Silvia studied business first, but always wanted to do art. She's sewing some white flowers on top of some black fabric. Hmmmm. Not sure about that. Big graphic florals on plus-size womenswear?

David is making a reversible cardigan for big and tall guys. Hm. Questionable. He's walking around the studio asking for everyone's opinion. 

"David needs to make up his mind yesterday," Daniel says. "He needs to let go of his insecurities and design with a little bit of abandonment."

8:15 - "I'm like a Speedy Gonzalez over here," say Jessera and Garrett, who are doing a draped top and a ponti pencil skirt in teal and black. Sort of like something from the Jessica Simpson line?

"I feel good about designing for real women," Daniel says. "The first celebrity who ever wore my clothes was Jennifer Hudson." He's working on a dress that looks like a weird dead tree. "I don't want her to look like she's wearing a tree costume!" Okay, so don't design a tree costume.

"Daniel's a risky guy," Richie says. "If it sucks, I'm not going to wear it or be your friend or speak to you ever again."

8:17 - Jordana is working a bold dress in black and red. "It's important to me to keep true to myself," she says. "Red and black is hot and I'm keeping it hot."

Meanwhile, Amber is making a backless dress. Ooh, bad news. 

8:18 - Weird Priscilla is sitting in a corner making fun of Johana's dress -- "You just don't put black and red together like that," she snarks. 

Brandon and David are competing against each other. David designed a jersey cardigan and had a successful fitting. Brandon doesn't think the jersey thing works on bigger guys.

8:23 - And we're about to see the first creations! The models are behind the scenes getting their hair done at the Suave salon. 

8:24 - "We've got to keep pushing, we've got to kick everybody's butt" - that's John Varvatos' version of a pep talk.

Cassandra goes first and shows a black and white graphic tunic. Amber shows a pink scoopneck lace-up back lace empire-waist three-quarter sleeve slim-cut dress. Silvia shows a trapeze half-sleeve crewneck black dress with applique white flowers over the left thigh. Brandon shows a gray paneled collared shirt with button flap pockets and contrasting button placket.

8:26 - "Coming in tonight, we were the team to beat," Varvatos says. "I still think we're the team to beat!"

Cassandra's tunic top gets turned down by Saks Fifth Avenue, gets a ,000 bid from Macy's and a ,000 bid from Express. Macy's upbids to ,000 -- a bidding war ensues and eventually Express wins it at 0,000. Macy's congratulates Cassandra for showing something that's not a dress and schools the other designers.

Silvia's black trapeze dress gets no offer from Express or Saks, but Macy's comes in at ,000. "I love this dress, it's what we call smart design at Macy's," the buyer says.

Ready to go shopping? You can buy Cassandra's tunic and Silvia's dress right now at and respectively.

LIVEBLOG: 'Fashion Star' Season 2, Episode 3 Recap

8:33 - 
It's Amber's turn in the hotseat! She had that lace-up pink lace dress. Macy's says no, Express says ,000 and Saks bids ,000. So Saks wins it. Buy it at

Brandon is up with his shirt - Saks says no, Express offers ,000 and Macy's offers ,000. Bidding war time! Macy's winds up winning at ,000. "It's all about the details, the fit, the finesse," the Macy's rep says.

8:35 - Jessica Simpson admits to being nervous that so much money has already gone. But it's Nicole's designers who are up next. 

"The name of this show is Fashion Star -- it's not 'Fashion Sell the Most of a Boring Dress,'" Daniel says. 

Johana's up first with her black and red peplum number, completely with dramatic sporty tank straps. The judges think that the plus-size version isn't long enough.

Priscilla put a cutout in the middle of her pale lace and flared skirt dress. Nicole says that "The finishing isn't not the way it should be."

Daniel's tree shift dress definitely looks very tree-y. Varvatos thinks it looks very designer and very expensive -- "It's very well done," Varvatos says under his breath.

8:38 - Priscilla is up first to face the buyers. No offer from Macys, Saks, or Express. Boop. "You put yourself in a really specific category, so in order for you to succeed in this competition, you're going to need to start thinking a lot more globally," the Express rep says. Priscilla argues.

Johana is up next -- remember this is the dress Priscilla snarked all over. Saks bows out, Macy's makes no offer, and neither does Express. "The color choice was not right for spring, it's definitely along the lines of a holiday buy," the Express rep says. But no surprise, Nicole Richie had already warned her off the color combo.

Daniel and his tree dress are up next. No offer! "I just don't think it worked for both sizes, and I thought it was a little bit gimmicky, I think you can do much better," says the Saks rep.
Since none of their clothes sold, they're all up for elimination this week.

8:45 - Jessica is backstage with her designers before they head into the Maybelline makeup studio with their models. "It's so important to have cohesion," Hunter says. "I'm trying to prove to the world that I deserve to be here."

Jessera and Garrett show a draped teal top with a black pencil skirt combo. Basically this dress has been in every BCBG store since the beginning of time. 

David's cardigan is dark and light and reversible. Nicole likes it! It's kind of weird that he only had to design a sweater?

Hunter's look is a paneled peplum sleeveless dress with a leopard center panel. 

Jessera and Garrett are up first -- Express declines, Macy's comes in at ,000 and Saks comes in at ,000. Macy's won't go higher, so Saks wins it. The buyer doesn't really say much about the dress, but says he's "looking forward to working" with them.

Up next is David's reversible man cardigan. Express says no, Saks opts out, aaaannnnd we go to commercial break. Suspense! Now we watch car commercials.

8:53 - Aaaand we're back! Time to learn David's fate and the future of his man cardigan. David hasn't sold anything yet this season! Macy's is OUT. "Your fabric choice, while it was lightweight, if any guy has anything in his midsection, it will really cling," the Express rep tells him by way of explanation.

Hunter has earned the most money so far, with 5,000 worth of sales so far. For some mysterious reason, she's wearing a double-breasted shearling-lined peacoat on stage. Only looks weird next to Louise Roe's sleeveless dress. Hunter starts crying about how designing is hard, but she loves it. Now it's time for bids. Macy's is out. Saks is out. Express comes in with a last-minute bid of ,000. "It's a home run for us," the Express rep says.

David is the only one on Simpson's team who's up for elimination. 

8:56 - The judges chat. Jessica is still championing David, even though he's never been bought. Johana comes into question. 

Here's who they finally pick to be up for elimination: THREE contestants - David, Priscilla, and Johana. Now the retailers get to vote on who gets voted off. Erica from Express sends Priscilla home; Teren from Saks sends David home; Caprice from Macy's chooses David to go home.

"I'm so sorry, but David, you're not our Fashion Star," says Macy's. Boop. Bye David!

Tune in next week for more Fashion Star and just in case you've missed any episodes, check out our StyleBistro Fashion Star page for all the recaps so far this season.

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