Old fashioned wizard jukebox

Old fashioned wizard jukebox

All of our jukeboxes are totally stripped, cleaned and rebuilt then given a long soak test to ensure everything is working as it should. We also give a 3 month RTB warranty for extra piece of mind.

The ROWE AMI BERKELEY is a serious jukebox. Hung on your wall it's big size is matched by it's big sound. A 250 watt per channel amp with a 12 channel graphic equaliser help to achieve the kind of sound you like to listen to. As if the jukebox needed anything else to show itself off it has very striking green neon tubes around the outside of the box, just stunning with the house lights turned down. The programming for this jukebox is massive which gives you total control over anything you want the jukebox to do. You can program it so that your own name scrolls accross the LCD display and lots more. It will play up to 100 CD's and with the LCD display to help with selection and programming it couldn't be easier to use. There is a small window on the front glass so you can watch it play your selections plus a plastic "Bubble" on the left of the jukebox lets you see the carousel spin as it looks for your selections. It's an awful lot of jukebox for not an awful lot of money. Go on, upset the neighbours, with envy!


Rock-Ola Fireball Jukebox

The ROCK-OLA "FIREBALL" is just a superb jukebox in every department. It was modeled on a Seeburg V200 from 1956 and was not mass produced. It has quality sound and lots of it, a 360watt amplifier see's to that. It uses ROCK-OLA's SYBERSONIC electronics which is so sophisticated it does everything except make the tea. A LCD digital display makes selecting and programming so easy. You can select tracks one at a time or select to play a complete disc and watch it do it's stuff right in front of your eyes complete with flashing LED's from the CD lift mechanism. This particular jukebox comes from the USA complete with a note acceptor so you can use up your spare Dollar notes to make your selections then take the notes out the next time you go back to the US, very unique. This jukebox has everything, style, sound, features galore, super reliable electronics and is quite a rare jukebox, certainly in this country.

See the jukebox playing here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW9PrRGyJrg

PRICE £2500 In Stock

The NSM FIREBIRD has to be one of the most eye catching wall mounted jukeboxes ever made. It has everything going for it, a superb front glass with it’s multi-coloured peacock, mulicoloured columns around the outside and a visible 100 CD player so you can see it playing your selection. Simple programming for free credit, playing the whole album with just 4 numbers instead of having to select each track individually plus total control over volume levels for each channel all add to the beauty of this gentle beast. The title unit is a sliding page type which is operated with the buttons on the door. A 125 watt per channel amplifier is more than enough to start your party going with a bang. Starting to get harder to find, a sign of a classic in the making.

PRICE £800.

The NSM OLD FASHIONED WIZARD is one of the jukeboxes that we have worked on to produce a jukebox that can be changed to suit your decor. We can alter the colour of the front glass to any that you desire. We have blue, red, burgundy, green and the original brown. If you would like a different colour then just let us know. Differing slightly from its older brother the outer lighting is more subtle as it sits inside the rustic wood effect pillars. It plays 100 CD's and the quality sound is there in abundance with it's 125 watt per channel amplifier. Like all of the NSM wall jukes you can program this for free play and album play. With the changes we can do to this jukebox you can make it as subtle or as loud as you like. Style, colour and quality sound, what more could you ask for!

PRICE £800.

NSM Emerald Ice Jukebox

The NSM EMERALD ICE does what it says on the tin, lots of emerald green decals and emerald green lighting. It also has a flashing light display on the diamonds up the right hand side of the jukebox. It plays up to 100 CD’s with the usual high standard of 125 watt per channel sound output. A visible CD mechanism for you to see it play your selection plus it can be programmed for free play or you can use coins through the fitted coin unit. It can be programmed for album selection which lets you select the whole album by using just 4 digits The title display is the sliding page type which is operated by the button on the front door. It has become one of the most favoured NSM jukeboxes and they are getting harder to find, always a good sign as it maintains it’s value very well.

PRICE £800.

Sound Leisure Super Stars Jukebox

This jukebox is manufactured by the UKs leading jukebox manufacturer, Sound Leisure. The "SUPER STARS" is a simple, no fancy gimmicks jukebox. It plays 60 CDs and you can see the jukebox do its stuff right in front of your eyes. Sound quality and quantity are there in abundance with lots of control over bass and treble. A master volume level gives you control over how loud the jukebox will play if little fingers wonder "What does this do" with your volume control. It can be used on free play or with coins through the fitted coin unit. If you have deaf neighbours then this is the jukebox for you. Sound Leisure say this is the simplist CD player on the market and we have to agree. It is styled to blend in with any decor with its easy on the eye wooden front door. Reliable, easy to use, lots of sound and cheap to boot.

PRICE £400

NSM CD Fire Jukebox

The NSM FIRE is a 100 CD jukebox which you can watch play your selections through the window on the front glass. It is a 100 CD jukebox and a very colourful machine with it’s multi coloured glass and coloured lighting down each side and along the top, making it a subtle but very pretty jukebox. It can be programmed for album play which lets you play the whole CD with just 4 digits instead of having to select every track individually. It can also be programmed for free play or you can use coins through the fitted coin mech. The title unit is a flip page type that is very quick to scroll through your 100 track listings. As with all NSM jukeboxes the sound output is quality with a fitted 125 watt per channel amplifier. This really is a quality jukebox that will look great on your wall without busting your bank balance.

PRICE £700.

NSM Galaxy Jukebox

The NSM GALAXY is a free standing jukebox which you can just wheel into your home, switch on and start to play your favourite discs. It plays up to 100 discs and has a visible mechanism so that you can watch it fetch and play your selections plus it keeps the kids quiet for ages. The sound is superb, it should be it has 8 speakers in it. It’s vivid colours really make it a jukebox that has no way of hiding in the shadows, it is made to stand out and it does it superbly. As with all NSM CD jukeboxes it can be used on free play and can also be programmed to play a whole album with just 4 digits. The title display unit is a flip page type that makes it very quick to scroll through your disc's. A superb all rounder, just make sure your front door is wide enough!


Rowe Ami Tempest Jukebox

The ROWE AMI TEMPEST is another very big, in many ways, wall mounted jukebox. The overall look is electric with striking electric blue neon surrounding 3 sides of the box. Flashes of lightning over the front glass finish off the electric theme. A 250 watt per channel amp with a 12 channel graphic equaliser help to achieve the kind of sound you like to listen to. A 100 CD player as standard with a glass bubble to see your disc,s rotate and a glass panel in front of the player to see your selection being played. Programming for this jukebox is massive and can be complex but a LCD display help you along in real English. You can program for free credits and also for album play, lets you select to play a complete album with just 2 digits. Like to have your name displayed on the LCD screen, you can do that as well with this jukebox. This jukebox just screams "Play Me" so beware the neighbours don't scream as well, invite them round!


NSM Juke 2000 Jukebox

The NSM JUKE 2000 is one the most popular wall mounted jukeboxes. It plays up to 50 CD’s using one of the fastest CD loaders, the MBC 3 player. The title unit is a triangular unit which rotates by pressing the button on the front. This is an ideal jukebox to get you started on the road to becoming a jukebox junkie. The cost is very affordable for a jukebox that is using the very latest technology. You get the superb NSM sound output, a jukebox that is quick to load and you can see it all happen in front of your eyes through the clear glass panel in front of the player. You can use it on free play or with coins. This jukebox is available using either ES 5.1 or ES 6 technology but when ES 6 is used an extra amp can be added to give a total of 4 sound areas. Simple, efective and versatile, what more do you need.

Note: The most obvious difference between the technologies is ES5.1 uses a LCD display and the ES 6 uses a LCD display.

PRICE £450.

NSM Ols Fashioned Wizard Jukebox

This OLD FASHIONED WIZARD is one of the jukeboxes that we see often with various colour options available. Behind the glass it's business as usual with a 125w per channel amplifier and title display that slides from one side to the other. It is a 100 CD jukebox with the visible mechanism and a very rustic look with the wood effect side and top panels which light up to add a touch of class. Reliable technology and a unique jukebox, what more could you want to show off to all your friends.


PRICE £800.

NSM Lightning 2000 Jukebox

The NSM Lightning 2000 jukebox is a eye catching box with it's electric blue colouring. This machine is one of NSM's later jukeboxes and uses the ES5.1 or ES6 technology which makes it very quick to select and start to play your selection. It is a 50 CD jukebox and has a clear glass panel in front of the player so you can watch it play your tracks. Sound is created through a 125w per channel amplifier and with it using ES6 technology an extra amplifier can be added very easily which gives you 4 totally independant sound areas. A LCD display makes selecting a track and programming so easy, this really is a great introduction to the world of jukeboxes and a bolt of lightning you do want in your home!


PRICE £450

NSM Fire Country Jukebox

This NSM FIRE COUNTRY is a 100 CD jukebox and a later version of the Firebird but uses a dfferent colour scheme and has a very rustic look to it. It uses ES5 technology so it has more programming features than the Firebird. High quality sound is matched by it's high quality finish and ease of use. A visible mechanism lets you watch the player fetch your CD and then play it, keeps the kids happy for hours, trust me! You can use it on free play and will play a complete album with just 4 digits instead of selecting each track individually. A 125w per channel amplifier keeps this bird singing and doesn't need birdseed! A sliding page title unit is simple to use and display your CD track listing and graphics.This is one bird that would feel at home in the country or in the city.


PRICE £800.

NSM Hyperbeam Jukebox

The NSM HYPERBEAM jukebox is a really eyecatching machine. Lots of bright light inside the cabinet to catch your eye plus we have added extra sexy red lighting to the bass speaker part of the jukebox that really makes the jukebox look something extra special, something you won't get from anyone else. It is a 100 CD jukebox with a visible mechanism and sound output controlled through a 125w per channel amplifier pushing music through it's 6 speakers. The title unit sits under the top glass and is the sliding page type.This jukebox has everything you could want, look, style, sound and something you want to play with every night. Go on, select some soft music, turn the lights down and listen to that wonderful sound, the rest is up to you!


PRICE £800.

NSM Country 2000 Jukebox

The NSM Country 2000 is basically the same machine as the Country Classic. It is not unusual to find the front doors of these machines being swapped from one machine to another. With the LCD display making things easy for selection and programming the Country 2000 is full of clever technology but still remains a simple machine to use. If needed another amplifier can be added to give 4 independant sound zones which makes all of the ES6 jukeboxes popular with operating companies and the general public. It plays 50 CD's and is extremely quick to load and start to play your selection. They can be programmed for free play and album selection. Easy on the eye, easy to use and easy on the bank balance, an ideal start to being a jukebox junkie!


PRICE £450

NSM Heritage Jukebox

This NSM HERITAGE has become one of the most sought after wall mounted jukeboxes. It is unique in it's glass design as I can't think of any other NSM jukebox that has any similar image or theme. It plays 100 disc's and can be programmed for album play, will play the complete disc with just one selection, and free play. Apart from the colourful glass it also has lighting around the outside of the box in the wooden effect pillars. A 125 watt per channel amplifier creates enough sound for any occasion, speakers are required for this type of jukebox though. A visible CD mechanism keeps the kids quiet as they watch it fetch and play your selections. This is one jukebox that say's "MUSIC" come and play me and is going to be a collectors piece so don't wait for the price to fall, it will only go higher so get one while you can.


PRICE £800

Rowe Ami Sunset Jukebox

This is a jukebox that is only available from us here at The Jukebox Selection Co. The SUNSET base machine is a Rowe Ami 100 cd machine with a 250 watt per channel amplifier and a 6 channel graphic equaliser for each channel. There is a clear plastic dome through which you can see your CD's rotate plus a clear panel that lets you see the player play your selections. A LCD display makes selecting and programming so easy plus you can add your own messages to the rolling text, how cool is that. It is a big machine with a big sound that won't dissapoint, ask the neighbours! This particular model has a very stricking yellow neon display around the outside that really adds even more to an already big jukebox. Be one of the first to own a JBSC SUNSET machine, unlike the sun this Sunset won't let you down.


PRICE £850

Sound Leisure Nostalgia

This is the Sound Leisure Nostalgia jukebox and is a based on a Wurlitzer 1015 that set the jukebox world alight in the 1940's. It made a jukebox a thing of beauty as well as something that just played your favourite records of the day. Nowadays all the main jukebox manufacturers make a version of this type of box but Sound Leisure are leading the way with different models and variations on a theme. This particular jukebox has been updated by us as originally it was a vinyl jukebox but we have fitted the latest CD mechanism to it. It plays 60 CD,s and comes complete with a remote control so that you can select your tracks from the comfort of your armchair. It is a constantly changing jukebox with it's revolving pillars of colour and bubbles that give it so much more than character and sound. Turn down the house lights and let this jukebox fill your room with never ending changes in colour while the bubbles create a sound of their own. A jukebox to last you for years and years and maintain it's value, a rare thing nowadays.


PRICE £3500

Rowe Ami Venus Jukebox

The Rowe Ami Venus really is a superb machine to look at plus the sound quality is hard to beat. The bottom pillasters are a constantly changing feast of colour as the colours scroll down from top to bottom. The 3 Disc's sitting in the top glass display rotate to add another mobile feature to the jukebox plus the end panels at the top of the jukebox also have flashing lights. The audio is again top notch with a 125 watt per chanell amplifier which also host's a dual 7 chanell graphic equaliser. This particular jukebox was shipped to us from the USA, you will struggle to see any in the UK, and is complete with an American note acceptor so you can use your dollar bills that you have left over from a trip to the US. Rowe Ami could be accused of producing some pretty dark and dismal CD jukeboxes over the years but this jukebox is in total contrast, it really is a superb machine with bags of character, bags of colour, bags of sound. It's in the bag really!



Rock-Ola OMT Jukebox

If you have been looking for a jukebox for any length of time you will almost certainly know of the 1015 "One More Time". The original machine was designed by Paul Fuller in 1946 for Wurlitzer and almost 60,000 of them were produced. It played 24 78's and was a masterpiece of design. Bringing things up to date most of the jukebox manufacturers of today produce a CD version of the original 1015 and this one is by Rock Ola. In my opinion the Rock Ola is hard to beat, build quality is superb with real chrome fittings, the technology is really outstanding with their "Sybersonic" system and the sound is awesome. These jukeboxes should be a real feature in your home, even if it's not playing music just leave it switched on to light up a room with multiple colours and the gentle sound coming from the 8 orange oil filled bubble tubes. The other manufacturers produce lots of variations on a theme. Expect to pay a little more for the Rock Ola but it is well worth the extra, I want one for myself so that is how high I rate it.


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