Old fashioned street lights

Old fashioned street lights

The freestanding Old Fashioned Water Pump with Barrel Solar-on-Demand Fountain will add charm and interest to your outdoor living spaces, as well as the soothing sounds of tricking water.

free shipping within contiguous United StatesA traditional old-style design includes a polyresin metallic colored bucket and with realistic wood and metal bands.

Unlike metal and/or wood, it’s lightweight and easy to maintain. Better yet, it uses solar-on-demand technology that lets you choose when the fountain will work: during daytime (including during overcast conditions) and up to several hours each night.

The water flows from the old-fashioned “water pump,” to the bucket, to the bottom basin, continuously recirculating via the solar powered pump.

16-foot cords connect the solar-powered pump and LED lights to the solar panel: you get to place the panel where it gets the most direct sunlight and place the fountain where you like it: even in covered spaces or placed where direct sunlight is not available.

Solar-On-Demand Technology
Put simply: you decide when the fountain works! If set on the “ON” position., the solar panel powers the pump WHILE also charging its battery pack.

Solar energy stored in the battery will keep the fountain operating up to 4 hours during cloudy days or when it’s dark. When energy stored in the battery is used up, the fountain automatically (by day) switches to direct power from the solar panel.

Want the fountain to work during special occasions (even when overcast) or only in the evening, no problem.
If you have a special occasion where you want the fountain to run only in the evening, this can be easily achieved. During the day, set the pump to the off position. Under this option, the battery will store the power and not run. When you want to run the fountain in the evening, simply turn the pump on and the fountain will run until the battery is depleted.


  • As with many fountains, colors will vary slightly from fountain to fountain, and based on light conditions. Slight color variations are not considered a valid cause for return.
  • As with all fountains, this product should be emptied and/or emptied and stored indoors during freezing weather, which can damage the pump and/or fountain itself.

Product Features

  • No electrical power cords or plumbing required: just set it up and it’s good to go
  • Lightweight construction means it’s easy to install, move and clean/store.
  • Made of durable, fade-resistant polyresin
  • Product comes with:
  • Fountain with LED light ring
  • 16-inch cables that connect the solar panel to pump and LED lights
  • Solar charged battery pack
  • 12V 2.6W 55 GPH solar pump (with up to a five foot lift) and included quarter-inch hose
  • You choose how to use solar and/or battery power control options via on/off button (instructions included; please call us with any questions.
  • No plumbing is required, simply assemble the fountain and connect the cords from the solar pump with 1/4" diameter hose to the panel and the other cord from the LED light to the solar panel and place in direct sunlight.
  • Solar power LED lighting (located at the bottom of the barrel) adds attractive illumination when used during dark hours
  • One (1) year manufacturer's warranty

Battery Notes:
In general, batteries will last between 12-18 months (meaning if your fountain is used seasonally, you can get more usage). Depending on your sunlight and use patterns, the expected battery lifetime will vary. Over time, batteries may be less efficient and require replacement. If SolarFlairLighting.com cannot provide you the battery at a competitive price, we will help you obtain one online or at a local hardware store for a better price (either online or at a local hardware store, which often is cheaper if the battery is available.

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