Old fashioned fireplace screens

Old fashioned fireplace screens


from Rochester, MN asked:

November 8, 2017

I have a very small firebox, only about 26 inches. Can the rods be cut down?

1 Answer

You could indeed use the Hanging Fireplace Spark Screen Rod Kit - 61090 and cut the rods down to fit your unit.

Brennan W.

on November 8, 2017



from Sonora, CA asked:

August 30, 2017

I just want to confirm that the color of this screen is black. The screen looks black in the picture, but that can be deceiving and I could not find the color specifically listed.

1 Answer

Yes, that is black.


on August 30, 2017



from Daytona, FL asked:

June 30, 2017

Can the rod in the features of this product be used for the bottom to keep the screen in place?

1 Answer

The rod kits we offer are actually two separate 32" rods that would pass each other at the top center of the fireplace opening via a center bracket. The purpose of this configuration is to have the two mesh panel screens pass each other slightly at the center so that the screens fully enclose the fireplace opening and prevent any sparks or embers from exiting the fireplace.

Will M.

on June 30, 2017



from OR asked:

January 3, 2016

I am wondering about the width of this spark screen. My fireplace is 36" wide. How well will the 48" width work? Will there be too much extra screen?

1 Answer

While there will be some extra screen, the amount that could be too much would be determined by whether or not you have pockets on the side into which the screens recess.

Brennan W.

on January 4, 2016



from Toronto, CAN asked:

November 13, 2014

Is the rod adjustable on this screen as my width is only 371/2 inches wide. Do you make fireplace spark screens in custom sizes?

1 Answer

This is actually just the hanging screen. Typically, 30 percent excess width is recommended for proper draping. As such, the 48 inch screen width is actually perfect for your application. The screen rods are the UniFlame Adjustable Fireplace Curtain Rod Kit and can adjust down to a 32 inch width.


on November 13, 2014



from Ojai, CA asked:

October 9, 2014

The distance from the curtain rod to the hearth in my fireplace is 21 inches. How much below the rod is the top of the curtain? Depending on the diameter of the rings, a 20 inch curtain might be the correct size. If not, how difficult is it to trim the curtains to length and what would you recommend to use to trim them?

1 Answer

The rings will add 1/2 inch of height to the overall vertical measurement. As such, the resulting 20 1/2 inch height should work well for your 21 inch tall opening. The screen will be tall enough to prevent almost all embers from escaping, while preventing it from dragging the floor of the box. It is not recommended to trim the screens. There is a finishing wire that is woven along the bottom of the screens and if removed, the screens can bunch.


on October 10, 2014



from Sugar Land, TX asked:

September 10, 2013

Is the 20 inch screen measurement from the center of the rod, or is it just the length of the screen?

1 Answer

The measurement for this screen is indeed just for the panel. An additional 1/2 inch in height must be added when considering the mounting rings that attach to the rod.

Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional

on September 10, 2013



from Halifax, Nova Scotia asked:

September 24, 2012

Is this one single panel that's 48" wide, or is it two 24" panels?

1 Answer

This screen is sold as a set of two 24" wide panels.

Tyler M. - Fireplace Specialist

on September 24, 2012


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