Foto coppa di champagne

Foto coppa di champagne

It's your first day at campus, and nobody knows you yet. From now on, all your actions..


Student Sim

Student Sim 74% Student Sim

Ada loves her school life for she meets her friends everyday in the garden before and..


Ada's Campus Life

Ada's Campus Life 70% Ada's Campus Life

Are you ready for a brand new term? You know, it's not enough only to buy books and..


School Fashion

School Fashion 53% School Fashion

Lisa is careful about her dressing when going to school; colors and accessories are also..


School Girl Fashion

School Girl Fashion 77% School Girl Fashion

Sandra is a sweet girl who just has started going to school. It's the first day of school..


Going To School

Going To School 50% Going To School

Time to go back to school! What would you wear on your first school day? you can show us..


School Uniform

School Uniform 78% School Uniform

If you are having a hard time while picking your outfits to wear at school, this game is..


Winter School Style

Winter School Style 76% Winter School Style


School Girl

School Girl 79% School Girl

Every girl has a best friend, right? But having a BFF is a different thing! You're like..


BFF Style

BFF Style 75% BFF Style

The cute girl is very excited today; she prepared a nice homework and presents it in front..


Cute School Girl Dress Up

Cute School Girl Dress Up 75% Cute School Girl Dress Up

You have some mean friends. You were all hanging out at the basketball court after school..


Escape Plan: School

Escape Plan: School 64% Escape Plan: School

Have you heard the saying, fashion changes but style remains? It is true; following the..


Fashion Princess

Fashion Princess 73% Fashion Princess

Even if picking an outfit for school seems so easy, it's a hard thing to do! Because all..


Fashion Top Student

Fashion Top Student 69% Fashion Top Student

The school girl is in a hurry, dress up her


Doll School Girl

Doll School Girl 77% Doll School Girl

You are going to college this year? You want to pick a new wardrobe to have a more mature..


College Girl at School

College Girl at School 72% College Girl at School

Welcome to the life simulator! All you have to do is to start your life as a baby, beware..



L.I.F.E. 84% L.I.F.E.
Foto coppa di champagne 6
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Foto coppa di champagne 40
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