The 55 Best Cheap Online Shopping

The 55 Best Cheap Online Shopping

i highly recommend: (they have tons of cool stuff and a mobile website) but others are:

Okay, so.... First, you could start by acting nicer to her. Pick up her books when she drops them, and offer to carry them to her next class. Lend her a pen in school, and DON'T ask for it back. Ask her if she needs help with anything during class. Sit with her during lunch... and so on. When you are closer friends, try calling her. The call could start off by you asking for the homework, and then laughing and remembering something funny that happened in school. Engage her in conversation. Make her laugh. She will be happy you called. If she calls again with the same excuse, she totally likes you. Now that you guys are pretty close friends, slip notes into her locker. Tell her to go on AIM, or to text you. The notes can be as simple as writing Hi! I hope your having a good day! If you aren't, I hope this cheers you up! From, (your name). That should make her happy. Don't put a note in every day, just once or twice a week. You guys should be good friends now... Here comes the big moment... Slip a note into her locker as usual, but this time, don't sign it. Write her a poem (trust me..I'm a girl and that DOES work) . Get into a habit of slipping these unsigned notes into her locker. She'll probably tell you about them, seeing as you are friends. Just shrug it off and say something like, "Weird... maybe you know him better then you think..." and walk away. She'll have almost have it figured out by now... All you have to do is wait for the right moment in the hallway (NEVER on the phone or by texting or I/Ming) to tell her how you feel... Carry her books for you and slip the last and final love note into her binder. Make sure this note is SIGNED... But don't call her that night. Don't go on AIM, and don't reply her texts. Wait for the next day to ask the big question.... Hope that Helps! Singrrr3

You can go to Google, run a search for 'Fashion Sites for Girls' and there will be many great sites to pop up, just on the first page, even. Or... You can go on these sites they are very fun the first one i go on a lot! I Dressup Girl Sense Miss Bimbo

Online Diary Resource Directory . free directory of online diary resources. . A Free Online Diary for Teenagers. A place to save your feelings. . A real online diary for teens. Your very own secret, safe and personal online journal, a place to save your feelings. Sign up now at .

I know a great website! You can talk with other girls about problems or e-mail the maker of the website anything you want! It has free contests and music and pictures of the most recent fashions and I've heard its a lot of fun!

Roblox is a good site for pre-teens. Games and chat. See link below. For christians or if your just looking for a website to go to poptropica(poptropica is for boys and girls but really fun) pixie hollow free realms(boys and girls) wizard101(boys and girls)

stardoll (reallly good) . girlsense (kinda good if have slow computer.but really good if dont) . fashionfantasy(good) . meez (ok) . missbimbo (never tried) . millsberrym (never tried) . (never tried) . tried) . (never tried) . ourworld (never tried) . and (never tried) . i-dressup(REALLY GOOD AND FREE) . ( great games age 7- and up . (nice) . ( okay) . Coolgal24's answer: dont go to i just tried going there and it says it has sxually explicit material

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. There are 16 sites i gave u for your preteen girl. Hope I helped!!! come to my blog at and also go to

Yes! I'm a preteen girl! Cartoon Doll Emporium or CDE! You can create an avatar and go shopping at the CDE Mall! It's really fun!www.cartoondollemporium.comOR ... you can go on and create a character and buy clothes for it ITS SO COOLcheck it out

Girls life is great for advice, fashion tips, makeup tricks, and fun articles about being a girl--plus they have free giveaways and you can even submit questions to be answered! The best part is there are NO BOYS ALLOWED! For pen pals there is a girls only site called Circle of Friends pen pal club that lets you create your very own account and talk to other girls from around the world. There is a10 dollar fee to have an account for a year. There is also a girls site called a girls world that focuses on the same things as girlslife. I HOPE I HELPED!!!!!! n>I.B.> .

Poptropica Club penguin games2girls azdressup Thats all i can think of right now. Oh, and some people say it is, but STARDOLL IS NOT SAFE!! My mom blocked it! It's supposed to be, but its not!

teddy bears.....candy....... hope that helps. also they would like something small too maybe a small flower

\n. \nim a girl and well in a boy i would be looking for funny. most girls this time love funny boys. but mostly BE YOURSELF. if ur good at sports and smart and dont goof off shes sure to like u. if she laughs at your jokes and pushes you around (puishing meaning like elbow hitting you not hard like play pushing) you need to tell her first that you like her. this cite is for pictures that you can use for myspace, facebook and even msn. this cite has dress up games and has games for others too. for hints and tip on dealing with being a girl (i LOVE that one) (that is fun too) (it is more of a teenage girls guide to there health)

www.latestasianfash . girlsgogames . girls2games . gamesgogirls . gamesgame . stardoll . girlsense . fashionfantasygame . dollmania . missbimbo . frenzoo . girlsgogames . games2girls . zdressup . girlslife . girlsense

If you are wanting to start putting on makeup go to a friend/adult. At first it seems odd/ new, but you will get used to wearing eyeliner and mascara. But when you put on makeup remember that less is more, too much can make you look reely skankish/whorish.

The best way to tell if a girl or guy likes you and your both preteens is to just see how they act around you. Sometimes it can be hard to know how the person you like feels about you, but you just have that feeling inside you when he or she enters the room.. Signs a boy or a girl likes you:. 1. If they stare at you and look away when you look at them.. 2. If you or your friends hear them talking about you. Or sometimes their friends will smile when he or she looks at you as in he or she likes you kind of way. Or when your own friends tell you they like you.. 3. If they playfully tease you.. 4. If they smile at you.. 5. If they can't have a single word conversation without bringing up a stupid subject, such as the most retarded thing about something.. 6. If when you talk to them they look at you straight in the eyes.. 7. If when you bring up the subject about dating and stuff they change it right away.. 8. If they act diffrently around you then they do with other people.. 9. If they get nervous when their around you.. 10. If its hard for them to be near you because their really shy.. 11. If they try to impress you with certain things such as sports.. 12. If you have moments with them such as eye contact, physical contact such as in gym when your trying to kick a soccer ball and both of your feet touch and you pull them away instantly.. I hope my advice helps... Just go for them have confidence in your self.. Lovableangle12. :D

Try It is a website where girls ages 11-14 can find friends, make friends, and have fun.

some. it is scientifically proven that material girls like a guy with a good body but material girls are a waste of time preteens are just starting to get into fashion I happen to love jeans (skinny dark) or leggings and cute tops from Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropastale, or American Eagle. If you're like 11 or 12, you can look at Forever 21, Rue21, and Charlotte Russe. The clothes may be too big though. For me, an average outfit would be (spring): . skinny jeans or Bermuda shorts . ballet flats (printed or solid) . cute shirt . jewelry (bracelets or big necklace--earrings optional) . belt..sometimes OR you can wear leggins and a long top with flats and a cute necklace and earrings its really stupid but fun google the big red button and do it all trust me its worth it at the very end google wild mood swings and whatever you are feeling you select from a list and it takes you to a site that will compare with your mood. ex: sleepy/tired: takes you to a websites that is a "dream maker" its really cool. its not a real person but it responds to you like they are and will say they are but its not its super fun

try to check out dateinsky. mylol and as always be careful online. not everyone is as they seem. Answer Preteens have no business dating, especially online. -------------- Pre-teens should not be dating online. Arrange for adult supervised parties with others your age and have a good time.

Ever want to talk to over teen girls about things like boys, puberty, sex, or school? Don't feel comfortable talking to your mom or friends? Well check out this site. Specifically for teen and preteen girls looking for help on growing up or just wanting to make some new friends.

Always talk to her, or text her if possible. After a while of getting to know her, leave a note in her locker that says: I like you!! From the person who likes you. And when she asks about it, either say it was you or act like nothing happened depending on her reaction

Here are hope this helped! (: It's exactly what you are looking for. It's a message board where you can talk about things like friends, school, family, boys, or periods with other girls your age. They even have a chatroom. exactly what i was gonna say! wait, bear in mind that it's rude, talking about puberty and stuff, so yea best site for quizzes for custom radio stations 4 free 4 shopping 4 shopping Try them

well, if shes shy, its hard to tell. but if you catch her eyeing you when you aren't looking, its a possibility, or getting red when you walk by. good luck

there is and and alot others u can Google them if u Google stardolls that's kinda cool its the best!!!!! or If your younger, like 10 then is a great site! :) (Be sure to go on Forums) i love stardoll and weeworld

if you are saying what is a preteen website, I don't know how to explain it. But if you are saying what are fun sites for preteens,i know plenty. the one i go on most often is its so fun! I go on somtimes,but it isn't as fun... there's also,and you have to be 13 to play.but a lot of people lie about age(like,about being underage) What you do is feed animals and play games and play with the pets(sooo cute btw) sometimes i go on too again not as fun as i know more but they're NO fun.any way i hope this helps a bunch. but keep in mind,some of the sites may require $$$ to be THE MOST enjoyable (tht is mostly

Neopets Stardoll . Neopets: A fun site where people (and aliens) of all ages may join and create a furry pet called a neopet. You then may play games to earn "neopoints" which you use to buy things for your pets. You can join a guild, which is a group of people where you chat, do activities, and make friends. You can paint your pet colors other than the original colors (yellow, red, green, blue) You can search the site for secret avatars which are what you show up as in neoBoards. I highly recommend neopets to any girl out there. A safe, fun site for girls from age 9 and up to join clubs, dress up dolls, and create a doll that looks just like them. You can earn "Stardollars" to buy new clothes, make-up, and interior. You earn "Starpoints" when you log in everyday. If you join you can access a free "Superstar" membership on Stardoll, meaning you can get more Stardollars and be able to buy make-up. It's a great site for girls to get to know each other.

I would also watch the Rachel Zoe Project (bravo), the Hills (mtv) and the City (mtv). I always get suchhh fashion inspiration! I would also subscribe to the Zoe Report emails for updates from Rachel Zoe.

Guys don't like all the same types of girls. Guys could be into the girly girls who don't want to get there nails dirty. My girl loves the outdoors and ATVing, she drives a truck and she is gorgeous as hell. She is my kinda girl. That's not universally true. The mags probably want you to think that but that's only because you will spend more money on beauty products. The only reason to take care of yourself, is because you want to. Not for a guy. All i really like is girls who look healthy. I didn't say super skinny. I didn't say fashionable. I said healthy. Sometimes when i see a glamazon walking around dressed up like she's going to a club, when all she's doing is going to work. It looks needy, insecure, approval seeking, etc. And to me that's a big turn off.

It depends on the girl. Some might give you 'signals', others might completely ignore you, some might on and so on. The only way to absolutely know is to ask. And most girl will appreciate your honesty.

well you make that girl look like a terrible person. then the guy will simply ignore the other girl and you will have a chance to get to him.

It depends on the age of the guy. If he is young (child), he may tease you alot and other strange attention. If he is an adult and you are also, he will perhaps do the He may ask you to go out or just pay alot of attention to you.

by the way they treat you and the way the talk to you sometimes they may not tell you their feelings.signs:gives you a note about if you want to be his girlfriend,likes to be around you,gives you his number,asks you to go with him,says he likes you,talk to you alot.

here are 10 tips on how preteen boys can tell if they like a girl or not: 1. if every time she comes around you you get weak, shy, and nervous 2. if you always talk about her constantly 3. if every time you talk to her you don't know what to say 4. if you act like a fool around her and can't help it 5. if you dream about her every time you go to bed 6. if she is in your class and you pay more attention to her than you do to your teacher 7. if you always smile when you look at her 8. if you always like try to impress her 9. if you always go out your way to look at her or talk to her 10. if you tell your friends to ask her if she likes you because you are to shy to ask her yourself bonus : if you will sacrifice anything for her

Hmm not that I know of. I'm pretty sure that is illegal. However there is somewhere you can go to get girls panties

I have a huge crush and he i in 4th grade and i am in 5th grade and i think he likes me me and him have a perfect connection. i think we where meant to be together

Charm bracelets and necklaces are popular with preteen girls, but preference towards the charm depends entirely on the individual girl. Hasbro Troll dolls have not been popular for quite some time, so it is safer to assume that preteen girls would prefer charms of another nature for the most part.

you feel nervous around her You want to impress her you want to talk to her but you're too shy/can't think of anything to say you feel really jealous/upset if you see her joking around or hanging out with other guys you want to hold her hand you think she's gorgeous you love her personality you wish she would come over and talk to you instead of that idiot if you match any one of these, you probably like her. if you think you do, don't sweat it. talk to her, and try to act like you're really interested in what she's saying(even if you're not) smile at her don't stare at her (at least not very long-if she catches you staring at her, she'll think you're a creep) if she does catch you staring, smile for a few seconds, then look away before she does and most of all.. ACT NATURAL. if she falls in love with someone that you're not, then what's the point in getting her to like YOU? :)

At school, you were not allowed to wear shorts or jeans. Skirts, when you kneel, needed to touch the ground or were sent home. For social occasions, skirts were worn shorter than what was required for school and weren't so drab. Hiphuggers were worn often as pants, which were pants that were worn tight at the hip and got looser as it went lower. They wore these with wide belts. Bell bottom pants were also very popular. This is a great site to look at if you have more questions.

Preteen girls just start hitting puberty and start caring about how they look like. In that case, fashion is an important part of their lives. FASHION TIPS: 1. Less is more. Keep the makeup to a minimum. Try not to use a lot, because then you look artificial. If you do love cosmetics, my favorite is mascara, but the usual girls would wear is lip gloss. 2. Be sure to keep some basic clothes in your closet. Have at least 2 pairs of jeans, a black shirt, a white shirt, and a pair of athletic shoes. Once you make sure you have all the basics, you can add glitz to your closet with more cute shoes (like ballet flats or sandals), more styles and colors of shirts (like a purple turtleneck or yellow tank top) and more pants and skirts. Don't forget accessories like headbands, scarves, belts, and purses--they give your whole outfit a boost! 3. Don't get too wild. Have only one or two patterns in your outfit. Wear colors that go together. Wear accessories only if your outfit is not interesting or you really need them. 4. Don't forget about colors! Try to wear good combinations such as yellow with green, or orange with red. Hint: Black matches everything. 5. Some good shops to buy clothes for your age would be Abercomie, Aeropostale, Justice, Hollister, Forever 21, sometimes even Children's Place if they still have your size. Remember--the way you carry yourself makes the most impression on people. Be confident! And enjoy looking fabulous!

I think 11 years old is a little too young to start dating. is the only dating site I know made specifically for teens and preteens.

It depends on the girl. But if she's funny and has alot of personality, I think she will like a guy like that. I did when I was that age...

For me no. Some girls do the ones that do just love your clothing and no girl likes a boy if they act or dress or are gay I know this cause I am a girl peace

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