Fashion illustration for kids

Fashion illustration for kids


Welcome to kidswear fashion technical drawing made easy!

Adobe Illustrator Kids flat fashion sketch templates developed specifically to reduce flat drawing time for Childrenswear designers!

So you need to draw kids’ flat sketches for your fashion design portfolio, line sheets, tech packs, or CAD presentation boards, but the fashion industry is so fast-paced that childrenswear designers rarely have enough time for drawing basic flat sketches, not to mention sketching more interesting design elements and novelty details. We know the feeling – so what’s a designer to do?

We’ve pre-drawn tons of infant fashion flat sketches in Adobe Illustrator format, so that YOU won’t have to! Our mix & match Childrenswear Fashion Sketch Templates have everything children’s apparel designers need for quick flat drawing of just about any fashion design idea you can think of!

Easy to Use:

All Adobe Illustrator Children’s Flat Sketch Templates are drawn with careful placement of anchor points, grouped objects, and guidelines at CF & CB, so they are easy to use, adjust, and fully customize to sketch different kidswear designs.

Mix & Match:

Each infant flat sketch template is sketched to fit with one another, so you can simply mix and match silhouettes and garment details to quickly sketch childrenswear fashion flats for boys and girls clothing. Kind of like paper dolls for fashion technical drawing: just grab the body silhouette you want and pair it with mix & match collars, sleeves, pockets, waistbands, and other apparel details to draw kids technical flats in no time! And with over 850 kids fashion flat sketch templates to choose from, the design combinations are endless!

Sketch Style:

Our to-scale Adobe Illustrator kids fashion sketch templates are drawn in a style that is both aesthetically pleasing & professional, so your presentation boards, line sheets, and fashion portfolios will look clean and professional. Sure to impress prospective employers & clients; you’ll have them guessing how you finished that design project so fast!

Full Range of Garments:

Adobe Illustrator Children’s Fashion Sketch Templates contains mix & match vector flat sketches for a full range of kids apparel (shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, dresses, etc.) and corresponding garment details (sleeves, collars, pockets, waistbands etc.). Also contains a wide range of flat sketch templates for both current children’s fashions & classic Childrenswear apparel.

Consistent Proportions:

Consistent sketch size & proportions allows you to place multiple fashion flats on a presentation board or portfolio page without resizing to the same scale!

Take It With You:

Easily stored on a flash drive or cloud storage for quick access at home, on the job, in the classroom or anywhere. Our Illustrator infant flat sketch templates are a great travel library that is perfect for freelance designers, fashion students, and any on-the-go childrenswear designer!

BONUS Adobe Illustrator Brushes:

We’ve compiled 25 useful Adobe Illustrator brushes drawn at the perfect scale for kidswear flat sketches. This bonus Kids Illustrator Fashion Brushes includes zipper brushes, scallops, gathers & ruffle brushes that are so often used for infant / baby clothing designs

Stop Faking It:

All infant technical flats included in these Kids Fashion Sketch Templates are drawn with true length proportions at approximately 1/8th scale based on Toddler size 2T (8x’s smaller than actual size), making it easy to sketch design details and placements based on real dimensions.

At 1/8th scale, 1 grid square = 1 inch. For example: to draw a 12” long skirt, just count 12 grid squares on your screen.

Enlarging kids clothing design templates to show accurate artwork layouts for graphics and embroidery is also very simple: Let’s say you’re drawing a neck embellishment that is 6” wide, simply scale the artwork 8x’s (800%) to create the actual size artwork for your factories.

Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart:

Use these kidswear flat drawing templates with our other Illustrator fashion templates to effortlessly create detailed flat sketches and stunning CADs & fashion presentation boards! Our Adobe Illustrator fashion flat drawing templates are perfectly compatible with our
Illustrator Sweater Brushes and Swatches,
Vector Garment Accessories,
Illustrator Sweater Brushes, and
Fabric Swatches & Fashion Embellishments, which are also drawn at 1/8th scale.

Fast Sketch Coloring:

All childrens fashion flat sketch templates are Live Paint friendly, allowing you to fill flats with color & fabrics FAST, and eliminates the need to join paths or create closed shapes! (Free Live Paint tutorial included & watch this quick video demo).

If you’re a professional fashion designer, then you already know how important technical flat sketches & CADs are in the apparel industry from design through production. We’ve taken care of the tedious and technical side of fashion technical drawing for childrenswear apparel, so you can spend your time on actually designing!

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