A master draper and cutter, James is a rare designer who begins his design process by draping on a mannequin to perfect form and flow, even before the first pattern is made. His designs capture the movement of the drape, and epitomize simplicity, femininity, and sensuality.

Nurturing his childhood dreams, James Ferriera embarked on a career that was strictly all women. Life for Ferreira as a designer has been full of rich experiences and even his childhood tales are full of designer dreams. He was never allowed a pen in class as he always ended up drawing clothes and stylized figures. But the thought of turning this skill into that of a high fashion designer only occurred when Ferreira saw an article on Pierre Cardin in 1964 with the one-eyed sketch of a fashion model. From then onwards he pursued his dream professionally. The first step was a course in textile designing at the JJ School of Art in Bombay.

Ferreira started his journey with Orkay Mills where he was one of the team of international designers who created garments for export to Europe and London. A chance introduction with top British designer, Zandra Rhodes was real climax of his life. She is the one who offered   him to work with her & there he learnt a very important thing called “Embroidery”. Now this is the base of all his creations.

James epitomizes wearable couture, catering to a discerning clientele who have access to the best in design. With nearly 18 years of experience in the designing business, Ferreira is not hung up on exhibiting only his own label.As he had a firm believe that only his clothes speak. Unlike other designers he wants his customers to look at my clothes and not at my label.

As a designer Ferreira has not been inspired by any foreign designer nor does he emulates anyone. He says I like to take chances. I don’t mind if my clothes don’t sell. I am happy creating clothes that satisfy me.

Creator of classic in fashion garments is how James Ferreira would like to be remembered and not as commercially successful designer. For there are many who design the regular and mundane clothes but just a handful who can create masterpieces.

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