Cool fashion show ideas

Cool fashion show ideas

A "Proper" Woman

Perhaps as a response to the androgynous, gender-fluid look that’s dominated what’s cool in fashion for the past few years, the runways were stacked with the kind of aggressively feminine clothing you see in old-moneyed, tony establishments — the kind with patrons who still regard armpit hair a social travesty (imagine what they’d say about rainbow armpit hair). It was Bunny MacDougal hair bows and Nancy Reagan knee-length skirts, and coats so white you could only wear them to country clubs. Considering that the mandate to #dresslikeawoman is coming from our country’s highest office, we kind of expected to see that line of thinking trickle down — and much like the response to that dictum, there were stereotype-smashing looks delivered by other designers to counter it.

The MVP It-Bag

No longer is fashion’s most coveted bag priced upwards of K, named after a French icon, and the product of a nearly 200-year-old design house. For pre-fall 2016, London-based Jonathan Anderson, of J.W. Anderson, introduced what has now become his signature Pierce bag, signaling a shift in what a “status” symbol means to an up-and-coming generation. At just over 30 years old, Anderson seemingly cracked the ultimate must-have code; Lyst notes that searches and purchases for the bag have all “gained momentum” since 2016. Perhaps the tides have changed: Out with the old, in with the young, fresh, and fancy (Pierce bags start at ,480). One scroll through Instagram during Fashion Month, and, well, the proof is in the pictures — because these bags have become some serious street style bait.

The Shrimps Effect

At one point, maybe long ago, leopard print was considered the loudest outerwear statement you could make. But today’s of-the-moment furry styles make classic leopard toppers look like tame little kitties. A) Oversized, B) plush, and C) really, really, bright — if your go-to winter coat doesn’t have D) all of the above, it’s probably time for an upgrade. But let’s give credit where credit is due: to Hannah Weiland, the designer behind London-based faux fur label Shrimps. Weiland’s signature toppers haven’t just kept us warm on those too-chilly-to-deal days, they’ve also launched an entirely new subset of fur-free outerwear. This season, everyone from Alice & Olivia to Miu Miu followed suit, providing further proof that faux can be just as good (if not better) than the real deal.

In Case You Missed The Sleek New Marc Jacobs Logo

Marc Jacobs’ spring show might have been an exercise in quiet restraint — foregoing music, an official runway, even social media — but if the brand went heavy on anything, it was its hardware. Models wore doorknocker earrings, rope chains, oversized zipper pulls, bedazzled keys, chunky rings, and multiple belts, often all at once. It was easy to become distracted and heart-eyed over all the glint, which is why you might have missed the fact that the hardware all featured Marc Jacobs’ fresh new logo. Consisting of two interlocking J’s as an homage to the man himself, the new logo is an official update for the label that, up until now, relied on a golden placard and oversized block letters to brand its bags. And now that Marc Jacobs has patterned monogram we smell an imminent new It bag for next season?

We Looked Up Gucci's Vocab For You

It’s not often that you hit up an encyclopedia, not Instagram, after a fashion show, but we had to decipher a few of the more exotic-sounding words that cropped up during Gucci’s latest collection. We asked the label for the footnotes, in case you too were unsure if Biddenden was a Harry Potter spell or what. Consider this your botany, biology, and building lesson for the coming season.

Heterocera — A classification of insects relating to moths.

Chiroptera — The scientific order of winged mammals that include bats.

Giardino dei Semplici — The informal name of the Orto Botanico Firenze, the botanical garden belonging to the University of Florence. The garden is home to over 9,000 types of plants.

Scarabaeidae — The insect family consisting of over 30,000 types of scarab beetles.

Sissinghurst Castle — A castle in Kent owned by the 1930s British writer Vita Sackville-West known mostly for its gardens (creative director Alessandro Michele was inspired by it, but has never been there himself).

Biddenden Road — The street where Sissinghurst Castle is located.

Pleather Gets A Makeover...Finally!

Stella McCartney is a devoted vegan, and eschews all leathers, furs, and skins from her collections. So, imagine how confused we were when we saw just how many full-leather looks were in her fall collection in the form of patent trenches, slouchy pants, and soft suede dresses — we half-expected McCartney to do her final bow while holding a cheeseburger. But, it turns out that she didn’t abandon her animal-loving mission, and instead doubled-down on it: That leather was just really, really convincing faux-leather, and every piece was made from recycled water bottles and vegetal skin. McCartney has always included plastics-based leathers in her accessories lines, but it was never presented as the showpieces they were this time around, which is a testament to the material technologies she has helped promote. But, don’t call it “pleather:” According to the tag included on all vegan-leather Stella McCartney products she produces, it’s “skin-free skin.” Sold.

Bags, But Not Really

Video Animation by GEORGIA.
Photos: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images, REX/Shutterstock, Estrop/Getty Images, Thierry Orban/Getty Images.

What is a bag, really, other than a thing that makes it easy for you to hold many other smaller things? But this season, designers stretched the definition of the word to include shirts, hats, and purses that seem like they’d only “hold” things in zero-gravity environments. This surrealist sartorial exercise came at an interesting time when up seems like down, right is wrong, and America is Russia. But unlike the more sinister (fake?) reworkings of facts, these “bags” provided a much-appreciated chuckle attached.

The 411 Behind The “205”

Raf Simons hid dozens of Easter eggs in his debut at Calvin Klein for fashionphiles to find. From the Brooke Shields stamp on the back of jeans to the Sterling Ruby set design, the collection both utilized Raf’s aesthetic touchstones and celebrated Calvin Klein’s history. So, when it came to sleuths trying to figure out the meaning behind the “205” on the turtlenecks, they just had to plug it into Google Maps. The brand’s headquarters have been based at 205 West 39th street since the ‘70s, when Calvin Klein first purposely rented out the space from his former employer, with whom he had bad blood, in an epic real estate power move. Today, the art deco building sits within NYC’s Garment District and houses every single item ever designed under the label. The building itself tells a pretty neat story about redemption, pride, and a veneration of history — which are pretty apt themes for Raf to be celebrating in his first collection.

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