Bevy smith fashion queens

Bevy smith fashion queens

Edited, at first I thought this wasn’t live, but it was.  Andy asks Kandi if she had a show that day, and she said yes, she had two. It doesn’t look like he has bothered to come see her yet. I’ve heard good things from the two people who have reported back to me about Kandi’s performance. It’s a good role for her. She plays the role through March 11th.

Topic number one is how it is that Kroy takes Kim to every filming and sits outside in the car and waits for her. He did that in the other season she was on while married and pregnant. That is when he told her she had to quit the show because it wasn’t good for her pregnancy.

Moving on to Kenya’s lengthy list of responsibilities as a wife. They put up a poll showing that 90% of the staff disagrees with Kenya’s list of responsibilities. Bevy says that she agrees with Kenya. Then Kandi says she has to give Kenya some props. She and Todd recently had lunch with Kenya and Marc at Marc’s restaurant and she said that Marc went on and on about what a loving wife Kenya is and how she takes great care of him. He also said most people wouldn’t know that based on what is shown on TV. Andy can’t move on from the Kenya adoration fast enough. 

By the way, I am not really ready to make a full post on it just yet, but the word is that Kim would be the one to take Kenya’s peach and Nene and Kandi are really rallying hard for Kenya to stay. Kandi has a lot of sway with Bravo for some reason so there may be a glimmer of hope for Kenya. I’m trying not to get my hopes up but, Bravo executives anger toward Kenya may be subsiding. But if Andy has anything to say about it, clearly he is still pissy. He says the audience is not going for it.

Andy speaks to Omarosa directly to the camera and tells her that Brandi Glanville is going to eat her for lunch. Bullshit. Omarosa will wipe the floor with Brandi.

Why do people keep acting like Trump started a Twitter war with Jay Z? All he said was that the black unemployment rate is the lowest it’s ever been. Jay Z is not one to talk about appropriate behavior with his violent tendencies. Dayum. Stop making me semi-defend the damn POTUS. Also what has happened to Jay Z. Where is his swag? He looks so old and tired lately.

Kandi looked a lot like this.

Andy reads some tweets from idiots saying that if Kandi was going to be petty (REALLY?) why did she invite Porsha to her party. She says, “Well first of all she is on the show..” And looks at her hard and says, “Okay, okay.” He is really pissy with her tonight. The girl did Two Broadway plays, the second play ended at 10:30 and she went straight to his little adolescent wet dream clubhouse for his very low rated show and has been nothing but sweet and kind. WTF is his problem with her. Phaedra got FIRED for the same thing Porsha did and Porsha still has her peach.  Chile, please with the pissy looks. She goes on to say she would never speak to her again if she didn’t have to work with her. She said she was trying to be nice but she has no interest in being buddy, buddy. Andy attitude was like, “okay whatever.”

Then Andy goes through most of the housewives and asks if she would hug them. She says no to Phaedra, Her ex-employee Johnny, and Kim Biermann.

Then they put through a caller that asks if the rumors are true that Kandi and Todd are getting a divorce. That is not a rumor anywhere on God’s Green Earth. These two are together 24/7 and he is sitting on the front row. Why are they fucking with Kandi tonight?

A caller asks Bevy what she thinks about Wendy WIlliams saying that she is over the #MeToo movement. I’m not sure that is exactly what Wendy said, but she did say that “black people are not good protesters” and she was forced during commercial break to amend that statement and it came out to be something just as bad. Bevy will be on Wendy Williams tomorrow so now they have something to talk about. Bevy says the movement needs to be about more than wardrobe and roses and the men need to be held accountable.

Back to irritating Kandi Burruss some more, Andy brings of Kim’s box eating comments. Kandi once again breaks the fourth wall by saying that Kim texted things together to make it look like she said that. Kandi says she said it and it was a lie, but if she didn’t say then she needs to tell the world she didn’t say it. She’s still waiting for that to happen.

Next week, Mama Joyce meet up with Porsha without telling Kandi. Kandi says nothing about the clip. She just shakes her head. Then here comes another negative call for Kandi. Some moron asks why she is upset with Porsha when Phaedra was the one that started it. You know Kandi has to be dog tired. And every single question she has been asked other than the one about the play has been stupid AF. Why are they trying this woman? Along with the obvious answer, she said she thinks Porsha knew she was lying. After the commercial Todd wanted Kandi to make it clear that she and Phaedra had not been friends for two years when she was whispering in her ear, so common sense should have told her that Kandi hadn’t told her anything let alone that. Did I just write a sentence with Porsha and “common sense” in it?  Weird.

I am wondering if Kandi is threatening to walk if Kim Biermann gets Kenya’s peach. Andy is not usually so rude to her.


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